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B.S. Communication Design, Psychology minor | CSU, Monterey BayMay 2013

"The Communication Design B.S. provides students with skills in visual design, web design and interactive media to fulfill the needs of these industries. Our students gain a broad-based understanding of current technologies and applications along with knowledge of design, communication and management skills. Communication Design majors develop a customized educational plan that supports their career goals and the needs of a multicultural global society."

CST-221 Scripting for Multimedia Completed Spring '11
CST-236 Computing for Digital Artists Completed Spring '12
CST-300 Major ProSeminar Completed Fall '10
CST-328 Digital Art & Design Completed Fall '10
CST-351 Web Design Completed Fall '11
CST-336 Internet Programming Completed Fall '12
CST-371 Ethics in Information Technology Completed Fall '11
CST-436 Human-Computer Interaction Completed Fall '11
CST-451 Web Development Completed Spring '12
CST-461s Communication Design & Community Service Completed Spring '13
Psychology Minor
STAT-100 Introduction to Statistics Completed Spring '11
PSY-100 Introduction to Psychology Completed Fall '11
PSY-200 Research Methods in Psychology Completed Spring '12
PSY-301 Advanced Psychological Statistics Completed Spring '13
PSY-310 Biological Psychology Completed Spring '13
PSY-330 Cognitive Psychology Completed Fall '12


Webmaster Certificate | Riverside Community CollegeJune 2010

CIS-72A Intro to Web Page Creation [HTML] Completed Summer '04
CIS-72B Intermediate Web Page Creation [CSS] Completed Spring '08
CIS-76B Intro to Dreamweaver Completed Spring '08
CIS-78A Intro to Adobe PhotoShop Completed Summer '09
CIS-78B Advanced Adobe PhotoShop Completed Spring '08
CIS-79 Intro to Flash Completed Winter '08
CIS-12 PHP Dynamic Web Site Programming Completed Fall '09
CIS-14A Web Programming: JavaScript Completed Spring '10


Associate of Arts/Science | Riverside Community CollegeJune 2010

ENG-1A/B/C English Composition and Critical Thinking Completed Winter—Fall '03
ENG-11 Creative Writing Completed Fall '05
ENG-38 Intro to Screenwriting Completed Fall '09
SPA-1/2 Spanish 1 & 2 Completed Summer/Fall '04
JOU-52 Newspaper Editing Completed Fall '04
GEO-1 Physical Geology Completed Winter '10
MAT-1A Calculus I Completed Fall '09
MAT-10 Pre-Calculus Completed Summer '09
MAT-36 Trigonometry Completed Spring '09
SPE-9 Interpersonal Communication Completed Spring '10
MUS-26 Film Music Appreciation Completed Spring '05
TEL-68 Story Development Process Completed Winter '08
PSY-2 Physiological Psychology Completed Spring '09
HIS-7 History of the U.S. 1877-Present Completed Summer '09
POL-1 Political Science Completed Spring '09
HEA-1 Health Science Completed Winter '09